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Korean Brides

Let’s start with brief information. Korea as a country consists of the northern and southern parts. And do not confuse the North Korean part and the South Korean one. These are 2 fundamentally different countries in almost all parameters. They have only a common language and type of people. And if South Korea is a completely progressive country, which has high economic indicators and it is constantly developing. Christianity (almost 50%) and Buddhism are practiced here. While in North Korea totalitarian communism is flourishing. The country is completely closed to entry and exit. It prohibits any religion and even the Internet. That is, everything we will discuss below concerns exclusively the Republic of Korea, i.e. South Korea.

Korean Dating Culture

Today the interest in Korean mail order brides is constantly growing among Western men. And in this article you will see why. We can immediately say that these girls have an incredible exotic beauty that instantly conquers men, leaving them no other option than to seek the location of a beautiful woman and marry her.

In addition to the obvious stunning appearance, a girl from Korea is a supporter of the patriarchal family paradigm, which is certainly nice for a man who is tired of Western feminism. Since childhood, these girls are accustomed to respect and honor their husband, to keep and honor their family, to always put it on the fore. For example, in Western countries, these concepts have long lost their value. In the modern world, such phenomena as “childfree”, “free marriage” and many other things are quite common when spouses can meet anyone, live as they please, but not for the sake of their spouse.

Maybe for men who are not ready for marriage, such innovations may be acceptable, but for those who are accustomed to conservative relations, Western trends are unacceptable and alien. What can replace the coziness of a homely atmosphere created by a loving wife? Unfortunately, now it is not fashionable, so finding a woman with familiar female skills in a western country is quite difficult. Therefore, singles from different countries turn their attention to the East, where family traditions are still honored and developed. That is why our article is aimed at ensuring that you can understand the features of Korean brides and find the one with which you will spend your whole life.

How to Date a Korean Woman?

Korean Brides

In general, the reason for such active popularity of Korean women lies in a combination of several factors. Of course, these are very sexy girls who have an exotic Asian appearance – velvety light skin, shaded by long black hair. Brown slanting eyes and a tiny elegant figure exclusively complement the baby doll image. But outward perfection is not everything. Girls have a light and pleasant character, a positive attitude towards life, respect for the male sex and family, as well as impeccable education makes them perhaps the most desirable brides in all of Asia. But how to find them and where? On the Internet, there are many dating sites, with the use of which, finding your destiny will be simple and easy.

Where to Meet Korean Brides?

We have collected the best services for you. Among them, there will definitely be your happy agency, where you will find an oriental wife for yourself.

  • Datingbloom.com
  • FindAsianBeauty
  • Wishdates.com

First, you need to understand the terminology. Mail order brides are girls who decide to marry a foreigner and create profiles on dating sites. Naturally, we are not talking about ordering them as a commodity, it is excluded. And of course, you are not allowed to buy any girl or so. And when the lady was “ordered by mail”, this only means that your dialogue and relations began on the Internet resource and nothing else. The whole process of dating and communication is absolutely legal, and all the processes accompanying it are also legal.

Trying to find a suitable site can be problematic. There are a huge number of them and most of them cannot guarantee you at least the legality of the profiles of all registered participants. Also, there is a large percentage of fraudulent online dating services now. The best way is to use only proven resources, for example, those listed above. Maybe they are not as advertised as Tinder, but their army of fans and users is numerous, the quality of the services provided is at its best, and is being improved all the time, which can be read in reviews.

How to Meet Korean Women on Date Sites?

Select the Appropriate Platform

We have specified universal services where you can find a Korean woman for every taste. There are young girls, ladies in age, as well as ladies who are ready to change the already existing relationship. These sites are open to all comers. The main rule everywhere is being honest with a partner.

Create a Profile

This procedure usually takes about an hour. The very entrance to the site can be quick using your Facebook or LinkedIn account, but then you will need to fill out a special form in order for the search robot to understand which Korean women you like, what kind of person you are, what your goals are for visiting this resource. All this will help it to combine the profiles of girls and your profile to find the perfect pair, or at least, the most suitable for each other.

Upload Nice Picture

If you use a social network, you understand how much more pleasant it is to see a photo of a person who owns an account. This will characterize you as an honest and open person who has nothing to hide. Profiles with photos are usually preferred in more than 80% of cases.

Search For a Partner

Start an independent search for your partner, or entrust it to a search robot. Depending on the site, there may be available both 2 functions at once, and only one. Use the one that is most convenient for you.

Start Communication

After choosing several girls, start a conversation. Usually, for this, you need to replenish your balance. As you can see, there is nothing difficult here. All you need is to spend a little time and money to get the full South Korean mail order brides base on your phone.

Korean Brides1

How to Date Korean Women For Marriage

Coming to any country, you should try to behave there as it is accepted. Therefore, if you decide to marry a Korean, you should know a little about local traditions and rules of conduct. So:

Learn Korean

At least at its basic level. But how else do you see communication with the girl’s parents? Not the fact that they know English. It will also be inappropriate to communicate with gestures. It is worth making a good impression on her family because it is the opinion of relatives that often plays a crucial role.

Dress as Korean

Use elements of Korean national dress in your style, and their communication traditions in your behavior.

Show Serious Intentions

Korean women prefer long-term relationships. They are very careful on dates and prefer to avoid intimate contacts, guard their honor. Also, they advocate that respect is a two-way process. And if a girl respects her husband or her boyfriend, then he should respect her and take care of her.

Be Financially Stable

You will achieve greater success on a date if you prove your financial viability. Of course, love cannot be bought, but preference will be given to more prosperous candidates. And it’s not even the fact that with money you can buy a better life for yourself. Just a relationship with a man in the future should grow into a marriage. And as the head of the family, he should be able to support his wife and children.

Look Appropriate

Usually, Korean women choose the best candidates. Those who as they imagine sooner or later will become their husbands. Usually, these are men with beautiful appearance, good manners and wealth. But honesty and respect for her and family often play a greater role.

Women Usually Marry Older Men

Korean women for marriage are chosen not only because of their magnetic external data. Such girls are distinguished by their humility, which also magically acts on men because they prefer soft and supple women. According to Korean traditions, a man is the head of a family, therefore women do everything to become the best partners in life. Since men love young ladies, cultural traditions suggest marriage for girls of a very young age.

Be Educated

Education and intelligence of the girl are also important for many men. And in this, Korean women are also the best. From a very young age, girls place a serious emphasis on their studies, believing that this will help them reach serious career tops.

Korean Girls are the Best Wives

Many years ago, marriage in Korea was a union between two interested families. Now, of course, the bride is given much more authority and choice. Currently, the girl herself has the right to choose any husband for herself. However, the influence of the family on her decision is still quite large, so if you did not impress the family or relatives didn’t like you at all, then the relationship came to an end. If the family does not approve of you, she will definitely not decide to further communication against their will.

Family culture in Korea is such that not propriety plays a role here, but a partnership. There is a certain hierarchical model of behavior in which each family member has his rights and duties, and the man, in addition, exercises control over the entire process. Of course, Korean traditions suggest for women to do chores, such as washing or cleaning. But if a woman is employed at work, then she is more likely to resort to the help of a hired person to fulfill these duties.

Korean women are very fond of foreigners and want to marry them. They are even ready for desperate acts, for example, on a journey in search of a foreign groom (these are often organized by special services). But, anyway, the opinion of the parents will play a huge role.

Tips for Dating a Korean Woman

Show That You Are a Decent Man

When visiting Korea in any capacity, be prepared for some preconceptions about your own expense. The Korean culture of dating is such that all young white foreign men are regarded as a womanizer. This may be far from the truth, but historically it will turn out that you will bear this title for the first time. However, do not be ashamed of this and invite a Korean woman for a date without any doubts. Most likely, she will agree. You can even start a relationship, and she will still consider you a womanizer until she is convinced of the opposite.

In order to make sure that you are a decent and honest person, the girl will most likely need to look through your message history in social networks and comments on the pages of other girls. Most likely, she has already studied your page for something not acceptable for Korean culture and if she found something, then you can not wait for the continuation of the relationship. If nothing suspicious was found, then she will begin to trust you, making sure more and more that you are faithful only to her. If your companion asks for your phone to make sure that everything is all right and honest there, do not deny her that. Believe, the weight of Korean prejudice puts pressure on her and she must personally make sure that everything is in order.

Respect Her

Korean girls are afraid that they are too “easy prey” for you. Convince her that you respect her as an individual, and are ready to adhere to the set boundaries. She will develop your relationship gradually until she is sure that you are truly committed to her.

Be Generous

Be prepared to pay your total expenses. The eternal question about who should pay the bills at the end of the date, in Korea, is usually decided in favor of the woman. Once the man responds when marrying a Korean woman, respectively, he begins to take care and support it in advance. That is, usually, a man pays the bill. Although sometimes there are cases when a girl offers to pay part of the menu – for example, dessert. Do not deny it to her, but be sure to order and pay for something extra. If you have not received offers to pay, it means that you will have to pay for everything – now and in the future.

Generous gifts will be another drop in your favor, because it is in the gifts, according to the Korean women, men’s love and affection are manifested. So do not skimp on, especially when it comes to major holidays.

Korean girls know a lot about dating. If you are also good in this business, be ready to compete with a girl on an equal footing. You do not have time to do anything, as you will be fascinated by this cute and petite girl, who can be both fascinatingly beautiful, touching and funny. You will surely fall in love at first sight.

Social Networks

Whether you like it or not, while you meet with a Korean girl, you will have to constantly compete with everyone through social networks. In Korea, they are very common and take up most of the free time of any young person. When inviting a girl to dinner at a good restaurant or giving her a generous gift, be prepared for the fact that she will immediately take pictures of dishes or objects and send them to instant messengers to friends and place on all her pages in social networks for being seen by her friends. Join to this, so as not to lose her attention to you.

On the one hand, social networks are useful and helpful to be close to those who are many thousands of kilometers away from you. Well, on the other hand, because of them, you and your girlfriend will constantly feel pressure from society – someone flew off on the islands, someone visits a trendy restaurant, and someone gave a good gift. You will also want all this. But this is fun! Spending time with a girl is beautiful and pleasant, giving her something that will please her, visiting interesting and fashionable places. Although, of course, it is worth reminding a girl that everyone brags, usually, only good things, hiding bad days or troubles.

Show Your Intelligence

Almost 75% of all Korean women have at least one higher degree. Most likely, she attracted you with her erudition and education. So that you feel equal and keep up an active conversation on any topic, we also recommend that you keep up with your education and increase your level of intelligence. Also, it will be useful to have an in-depth study of the Korean language so that the conversation will be held at the proper level. So, it is worth it once to invest in a good tutor.


Meeting with a Korean beauty can play a fatal role in your life, so you need to be prepared for it. Use our tips to change your destiny.

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