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MatchTruly.com Review

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Traditional dating requires finding a candidate first. Most people either find those candidates amongst coworkers, within a student’s society, etc. Sometimes friends can help – everyone knows the situation when a friend in a relationship tries to connect all of his single friends so that they would also be happy.

But what if that is not the case? What if all the coworkers are of the same sex, you can’t find a partner within a student’s society and all the friends are already in relationships, and they don’t know anyone single? And finding a partner elsewhere is not an option. In such a case, online dating would be a good idea.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use – the interface is simple, without unnecessary details and elements.
  • Efficient search tool.
  • Most female profiles are verified.


  • Some consider a paid model as a disadvantage.

About MatchTruly.com

Most people with traditional points of view don’t consider that as an option, but the statistics show that at least the fifth portion of all couples that are currently in relationships found each other online. The reason why people don’t consider this option is because of the fear of being scammed.

But in this review, we will tell you about a reliable dating website MatchTruly.com which can be considered as one of the best international platforms for online dating. The website has been created by a group of people that believe that boundaries should not restrict love. That is why single people from all around the globe can find love in any corner of our planet.

Using this platform, people can flirt with each other, have pleasant conversations, meet when they are positive that it can end up in a serious relationship or marriage. Divorced people here can find those who don’t care about the past but want to be happy. Even if someone feels alone, he can find friends. Let’s check how this platform works, what are the advantages and possible disadvantages.

Easy to Use

The interface of MatchTruly.com creates an impression of a convenient website with all the tools and options you need. It can be called intuitive – when you on some subconscious level know how to use it. You immediately see the bar with the login option, where you can also complete your first registration.

You won’t see ads here, which is good. Most social networks are annoying because of advertisement, but luckily, here you won’t see those. There are several categories where you can read information about the website, about policy, you can find contacts and technical support if there are some questions concerning website functioning.

When you are already registered, it’s easy to find candidates for online dating. This website has a very convenient tool that narrows all the possible options to those who would fit you. It’s easy to surf here, and no questions occur when you need to contact someone, you immediately find the button which redirects you to chat where you can write a message.

Users may read information about possible candidates which they have posted by themselves. So, after analyzing several options, a user can choose someone and write a message. It’s really easy, similar to social networks, so no one will have difficulties in understanding what to do or how to find a perfect match here.


matchtruly registration

The registration is 100% free; all you need is to insert the following information:

  • Your name – it’s advised to use real name, not a nickname.
  • Electronic address – you’ll receive an e-mail letter with a link to verify that you are a real user. The letter might end up in spam, so don’t forget to check that folder if you don’t receive an e-mail.
  • Enter your age by choosing the day, month and year when you were born.
  • Create a password (with letters and numbers).
  • Click the option that you agree with terms of service and use.

And the registration is complete! You will have to visit your mailbox in order to verify your account. Then you will have to sign in again using your password and log in.

After completing these steps, you can proceed with the questionnaire. But if you want to check quickly, whether this platform fits you, skip this step. You can finish this questionnaire later, same goes with uploading photos. You can surf through the base of single people, read the information in their accounts, so you can decide if you want to stay here.

But the questionnaire is important since using that information, the system will advise perfect matches. For example, you have written that you want to find a wife, inserted specified information about her beliefs, habits, body type, etc. The system will try to find you candidates that meet your needs.

Search and Profile Quality

matchtruly search

As it was already written above, this website’s search is a very powerful tool. Users can use a simplified search where they can only insert the sex, age, and some minor parameters. But for deep search, people might want to use more specific requirements. For example, habits, beliefs, body type, etc.

A quick analysis of some profiles in the base shows that most of them are filled with information which can help users to decide whether they want to start a conversation. Men and women here try to insert as much information as possible, they upload various photos, even upload some videos so that users can hear the voice, see the manners, etc., of a potential partner.

So, users can find applications with sufficient information. This info should be analyzed and only then you can start messaging this person. You will still have topics to talk, but mentioned in the profile facts and details will make sure that you will find the person with similar interests, habits or points of view. The matchmaking system is quite effective.


As it was mentioned above, the website is free to register, but you will have to pay to use it. This model ensures that users are safer. Some not very pleasant people consider that registering on an online dating website would be fun. They don’t have intentions to create serious relationships, they may want to make fun of people, or they have something worse on their minds.

In order to exclude those people and to protect users from bad experiences, the website asks to pay men and women to contact other users. The moment such not very pleasant people see that they have to pay, they either leave the website or delete the account.

50 credits for $ 28.99 or discount price of $ 19.99 (this can only be purchased 3 times)
125 credits for $ 64.99 or discount price of $ 49.99
250 credits for $ 99.99 or discount price of $ 69.99
750 credits for $ 214.99 or discount price of $ 149.99


matchtruly review

Some people can say that there are lots of free to use websites. But frankly speaking, how can you be sure if those accounts are real? If you register on MatchTruly.com, it does lot for you to be sure that you won’t find here fake accounts, that there are no people that want to make fun of you, etc.

This website provides users with a huge variety of options, the system is efficient and it advises you only those options that would match your needs. So, MatchTruly.com can help anyone find love and become happy.

≈ 2 000
girls online
> 8 000
visits per day
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> 3 000
girls online
< 9 000
visits per day
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≈ 1 200
girls online
> 6 000
visits per day
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