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LoveSwans Review


Are you over 40, and still didn’t find your special one?  No problem! With our review of the best dating sites for people 40+, you can easily solve this problem! We chose the best services and are now ready to share them with you.

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About LoveSwans

Often, men and women believe that after 40 it is impossible to find real love. However, statistics show that this is completely wrong! Dating after 40 years can lead to the creation of a strong and loving family. In such a wise and beautiful age, you feel not only passionate but also romantic emotions. In the modern world, there are many places where there is a chance to meet the right person. LoveSwans is one such places.


When you are over forty, relationships are easy to find, after all, at this age, most people finally realize that they need stability and long-term relationships.  Right now you can enjoy the partner to the maximum as you already have the experience, you can feel the other person, you are active, and know exactly how attractive you are. Enjoy life with your partner, and we will help you with this.


Every user of the site needs to create a personal profile. This step is not difficult and completely free of charge. The user may write about himself in any form and answer several questionnaire points that will help other participants find him on the site. If you wish, you can write a whole story about yourself, add comments to your photos, have live chats, post video, and much more. It goes without saying, that at any time you can update your profile or delete it completely. The site does not demand any professional photos. You may post any photo you like. You can also add a video about you, the service supports videos as this way of information presentation will help the user to look more attractive in the eyes of the other site members.

At the same time, the site offers a convenient search engine with a possibility to state in detail who you are looking for. You can look for your potential partner by preferred parameters such as date of birth, place of living, profession, skills, hobbies, etc.


LoveSwans provides both paid and free services. Registration on the site, publishing your profiles, viewing profiles of other site participants are completely free of charge. In addition, receiving emails is also free. But participation in the live chats, viewing photos, video communication, the exchange of contact information between the participants are paid services. The user may also buy access to the interactive features of the service. The site is not using real money for selling their advanced features. You need to purchase credits to communicate on the website. The credits are so-called service currency. You may use credits to buy special features like sending presents, request for meetings, and contact exchange. In case some function was not given or failed, the credits will be refunded in full volume. The credits cannot be sold or passed to the third party, but the remaining credits can be refunded if you decide to stop participation at the site.


LoveSwans Review

The site makes its priority to protect the personal information of any user. The participants of the site may have greater confidence in each other. To make this possible, members provide their real contact information when registering. This information is strictly confidential but verified. This allows you to restrict access to the site to those participants who severely violate the rules of the site or the rights of other participants. LoveSwans uses other mechanisms to detect attempts to deceive other participants.

But the service is also warning the user to follow certain rules when dating online.

  • The users should ignore any money request from the site members. In case of a similar request, it is necessary to report it to administration.
  • It is recommended not to disclose any personal or financial information during online dating. The user should give his password or login to the third party.
  • The site is trying to prevent the scam on the site, but still, fraudsters find the way to approach the users. Therefore, all users try to conduct all communication through the site, do not move to other messengers or private email.
  • The users should not tolerate and offensive information, all inappropriate words and any sexual or other types of abuse should immediately be reported to the administration of the site.

5 Myths About Online Dating

Dating sites from the very beginning of their creation have always been a topic for various discussions. Many people believed that only fraudsters may be found on such services. Let us see whether common beliefs about dating sites are true or not.

Myth 1

Dating sites are created to pull money out of the users. Such a myth is partly true. Indeed, there are various services which take money from users, but thanks to the payment, guests of the site actually receive VIP service: there is no spam here, and various kinds of questionnaires disappear immediately after verification. In addition, on paid dating sites there are various options that are not available on free portals. So, if you do not want to waste time on various kinds of spam – paid sites will help you find your love quickly and without problems.

Myth 2

Dating sites attract maniacs and other asocial people. We will not say that only cute, kind, and honest people can be met on the Internet. But you have the same chance to make a wrong acquaintance on the street. By the way, it is easy enough to keep aside various strange people on websites – just do not immediately give your phone number, address or (and it happens) money. Follow simple safety rules (which, by the way, will be useful to you in real life) and then the myth will remain just a myth.

Myth 3

Only losers look for new acquaintance on the dating sites. Then we may say that all those people looking for information on Google are also losers. Actually, the Internet is an opportunity to find a partner, especially for people who do not have enough time and skills to start communicating in real life. The Internet gives us the chance to know a person, to like the person without a photo for the inner beauty and goals in life. The Internet helps you to be yourself at any time. It allows you to transfer online interaction to real life at a time when you are really interested in each other and already know what to talk about.

Myth 4

She/he needs sex only. Yes, it happens. And if someone needs only sex, there is nothing wrong with that. If you need the same, then it is great. If not, just write in the questionnaire that you are looking for a serious relationship with the subsequent creation of a family. So you will attract users with the same interests.

Myth 5

Breaking away from reality. Virtual friends, virtual partners, virtual sex … People who believe this myth think only this way. When they say that everything on the Internet is unreal, it is always interesting: are the things that you order online are also virtual? Internet communication can always be transferred to the offline level if you want it. With the help of virtual space, you can significantly improve the real space.


LoveSwans is a dating site for single men and women who are looking for a partner to create a family. The goal of the service is to make communication and dating for the users as simple and convenient as possible. Finding each other is easy. LoveSwans helps optimize your search and find exactly the kind of person you are looking for. It is focused only on serious dating, and it will greatly simplify your search. The platform is closed to outsiders and access to it is possible only for registered members of the site. Thus, your photos and personal information are securely protected from any search engines, even from Google.

LoveSwans is a place for serious communication and unforgettable meetings with interesting people. The modern technologies will assist you in the search of your soulmate. The service drastically reduces the time for finding a potential partner. LoveSwans brings together dozens of pairs around the world every day! We believe that everyone deserves to find love on this site.

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